Needling Technique & Point Location

Needling Technique & Point Location


This session is devoted to becoming familiar with the basic tools of acupuncture: needles and moxa. Liberal time is dedicated to hands-on practice.

  • Introduction
  • Needling Technique: Types of needles, methods of tonification or dispersion, clean needle technique, indications and contraindications with supervised hands-on practice
  • Moxibustion Technique: Types of moxa, techniques of moxa treatment, indications and contraindications with supervised hands-on practice
  • Adjunctive Techniques: Acupressure, Electro acupuncture, needle-less techniques, herbal remedies
  • Handling Special Situations: Preventing and addressing acupuncture mishaps, cautions and contraindications
  • Point Location
    • 12 Principal Channels: location, palpation, treatment technique for major points of all 12 Principal channels
    • Ren Mai, Du Mai: Curious Vessels which have their own points
    • Curious Points: Specific non-channel points with unique clinical applications
    • Auricular Points: Ear points with many clinical uses

This course is 14 clock hours/CEU credits.

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