This module will cover the Basic Energies, the stuff of Life. From the production of ATP to the complement cascade, from erythropoietin to synovial fluid, energetic medicine can influence these physiological processes to restore homeostasis.

  • Introduction
  • Nature of Energy
  • San Jiao Energetics: Production and circulation of Ying (Nutritive Energy)
  • Defensive Energy: Production and circulation of Wei (Defensive Energy)
  • Material Energy: Production and circulation of Blood (Material Energy)
  • Production and circulation of Organic Liquids
  • Energetic Anatomy and Physiology: Orbisiconography
  • Liu Qi: Six Great Channels of Energy
  • Energetic layers: Wei, Ying-Wei, Ying, Blood
  • Environmental relevance and inductive relationships
  • Introduction to Pulse & Tongue Diagnosis

This course is 14 clock hours/CEU credits.