In this module we will introduce the classical methods of energetic diagnosis, while correlating with biomedical physical diagnostic techniques.

  • Introduction
  • Energetic Pathology and Pathogenesis: We will discuss the many origins of diseases, internal and external, physical and emotional. The etiology and pathophysiology of common conditions will be presented.
  • Diagnostic Technique: Methods and criteria of differential diagnosis, correlation and integration with biomedical physical diagnostic findings, and significance of certain signs and symptoms will be discussed.
  • 8 Parameters: The criteria for diagnostic decision making will be introduced.
  • Channel Palpation: Hands on exercises to evaluate the condition of the channels.
  • Pulse Diagnosis: The elegant simplicity of pulse palpation as a diagnostic technique will be introduced. Hands on practice will be supervised.
  • Tongue Diagnosis: This method of evaluation of the condition of internal organs, bowels and their function by inspection of the tongue and its coating will be introduced.
  • Observation: We will discuss just what it is we’re observing, and the significance of our findings.
  • Listening, Tasting, Smelling: Diagnostic analysis utilizing all of our senses

This course is 14 clock hours/CEU credits.